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Welcome I'm Doula D!

North Andover Birth Doula ​Serving Boston, North Shore, and Southern NH


I'm Doula D, aka Danette (she/her)
DONA trained Birth Doula, Certified Body Ready Method Pro®

I am an intuitive and holistic birth doula determined to rewrite the story of birth and help you empower yourself to transform your birth through a whole mind, body and spirit approach. I specialize in physiological birth and preparing you mentally and physically to facilitate achieving as natural of a birth as possible. I also aim to help you energetically align with the birth you desire. I will prepare you for the twists and turns birth holds and help you to remain in the driver seat of your birth. I offer body preparation sessions based in the Body Ready Method®, coaching calls, tons of birth education, resources and much more! I use modalities such as Emotional Freedom Technique, energy work and Access Bars® to help you release blocks and shift fears.


I am a certified Body Ready Method pro® and believe you can stack the cards in your favor to achieve the birth you desire and to set yourself up for a smoother recovery. I am an expert in pelvic mechanics and understand what to do during every stage of the birthing process to encourage birth progress. I work with birthing people who want a professional by their side that can suggest positions and perform hands-on techniques to create balance and space in the birthing body to support the physiological process of birth.

I serve Essex, Middlesex, Suffolk, and Norfolk Counties of Massachusetts along with Southern New Hampshire from Concord to the seacoast. 

A Mother is Born birth doula north andover

Doula D partners with Molly Barrett to bring you the services listed above
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Take back the birthing process, trust your inner knowing and birth in a way that is true to yourself and honors your innate capabilities 

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