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"Thank you for being a ROCK for us!
Danette helped us achieve a natural, unmedicated birth! (Despite baby girl’s hand being up at her face.)
To start, Danette helped me figure out my birth wishes and provided a wealth of evidence-based resources. She made herself available for questions throughout the pregnancy and postpartum journey.
At prenatal meetings, I like how hands-on she was and showed my husband how he could support my labor. The two of them worked wonderfully together in the labor & delivery room.
She seems to love her work as a doula and it shows! My midwife commented how much she liked Danette & her approach. Her experienced guidance during labor gave me peace of mind knowing she had my back.
If we decide to have a second babe, I will bring her back for round two!
I’m so grateful for Danette, she feels like family now, and I highly recommend her!"

- Kristin and Dom


"Danette was recommended to us by our doula from our first birth when she was not available for our second. Although I was apprehensive after being so comfortable with our first doula, Danette was EXACTLY the person we needed to help guide us through my second pregnancy and the birth of our son. Our second was a much more difficult pregnancy than our first and she was with us every step of the way.
I considered Danette a coach for pregnancy and birth. It tapped right into my track and field background. Her previous engineering background also brings a fierce analytical mind that blends beautifully with pregnancy and birth: Have a question? Danette will find answers with data backed evidence and will stand by you as you make your decision. She will also help prepare your body to be the most efficient for birth and recovery.
Danette also went above and beyond when I started early labor/prodromal labor 35 weeks all the way through to coaching us through the difficult decision to be induced at 41 weeks. She was available to us for each hospital visit and doctor's appointment! We are so appreciative for her guidance and she is now a member of the family!"
- Chrissy and Josh

Chrissy and Josh group.HEIC

"We feel incredibly grateful to have had Danette as our doula during the birth of our son. Her warm and nurturing nature made us feel instantly at ease, and her exceptional organizational skills kept everything on track. From the beginning, it was evident that she was not just a doula, but a caring and supportive presence on this beautiful journey.
Danette's kindness and proactive approach were a breath of fresh air. She supplemented the birthing process with evidence-based recommendations, ensuring we had the knowledge and confidence to make informed decisions. Her dedication to our birthing desires made all the difference, and we couldn't have achieved a successful vaginal birth without her expertise and guide.
But her support didn't stop there—Danette continued to be immensely valuable during the postpartum period. Her helpfulness and extensive knowledge provided much-needed reassurance and comfort during those early days of parenthood. She was always there to answer our questions, provide practical tips, and offer a listening ear.
If you are looking for a doula who genuinely cares about you and your birthing experience, look no further. Her energy, presence, and commitment exceeded our expectations in every way. We are eternally grateful for all that she did for us and can't imagine having gone through this journey without her by our side. Thank you, Danette, for making our birthing experience and postpartum care so special and memorable."
- Tiemi and Brooke 

Tiemi group.HEIC

"Navigating the journey of pregnancy and childbirth can be a roller coaster ride of emotions and experiences. As a single mother by choice with a past stillbirth, my journey to motherhood was fraught with a unique mix of hope, anxiety, and grief. Embarking on this path alone was a daunting task, but I found an ally, a guide, and a cherished friend in my doula, Danette.
The moment I met Danette, I was embraced by her warmth, compassion, and understanding. She walked alongside me to create a birth plan that respected my fears stemming from my past experience and my dreams for the new life growing within me. Every step of the way, she was there, arming me with knowledge, reassuring me with her presence, and instilling in me a sense of strength that made the path towards birth feel less intimidating and more empowering.
During a tough labor and delivery, Danette ensured I never felt unsupported, keeping me informed and ensuring that I was comfortable with the decisions being made. When complications led to surgery, her guidance and strength to my birth partner was crucial during these challenging moments.
Postpartum, Danette's guidance was just as invaluable in navigating breastfeeding, the emotional rollercoaster of becoming a new mother, and the practicalities of adjusting to life as a single parent. Her support made the chaotic postpartum period more manageable and enjoyable.
Danette's approach to doula work goes beyond just professional service; her passion shines in every interaction. She's an extraordinary support system and invaluable resource. She has a profound respect for the journeys of all parents.
If you're seeking a doula who truly cares about you, your baby, and your journey, I cannot recommend Danette highly enough. Her unwavering support was an irreplaceable gift. If you choose her, you will not regret it. I'm blessed to have had her by my side, and I'd happily include her in my journey again. "
- Kat 


"I could write a 10,000 word essay on how incredible Danette is, but who has the time to read that? So I will say this: our daughter’s birth *could* have been pretty traumatic for my husband and me. Thanks to Danette, I reflect on my long labor and unplanned caesarean, and feel proud and empowered. Things did *not* go according to plan. Danette helped us honor the natural course of things for as long as possible, and gave us the support, time and empathy we needed when it was time to consider alternative options. Danette goes above and beyond in her support of women (and families) through the most vulnerable experience(s) of their lives. And when my birth fears came to fruition, I wouldn’t have wanted anyone else by our side. I highly, highly recommend working with Danette!"

-Nadine and TJ


"If you are looking for a passionate, dedicated, loyal and trustworthy doula, Danette is the one!
I could not have made it through my 23 hours of active birth without her by my side and it truly was the best investment for my birth experience. She never gave up on me! Her motivation was essential to get me through labor and most importantly help stick to my birthing desires. Especially as a FTM, Danette’s one on one attention prenatally was excellent, always going in depth to gear me up for our birth, always responding to my questions, calls, texts, etc promptly no matter what the topic was. Always sending me really helpful resources and books to read up on, not to mention teaching me all about the essential of body-work/Spinning babies in order to have the most successful birth experience.
I also appreciated how heavily involved she was with my midwives, IBC Lactation consultant (Julie Brill), and Osteopath which was really helpful as a FTM navigating so many NEW things, once baby came. Her network of providers is amazing and really helped me overcome some challenges in the first few weeks post-baby, that I otherwise would not have been able to have overcome.
I cannot wait to hire Danette again for my next birth!"

- Stephanie and Ryan


"It took me a long time to write this review as I couldn’t quite figure out how to put into words how much Danette has changed my family’s life. We hired Danette 4 months before our due date with the intent on having an unmedicated birth at the local hospital. During our initial consultation I was impressed by her knowledge, her energy, her honestly and openness, and more importantly, her passion to have the birth you desire to have. If you have a birth plan, Danette is the person you want by your side to make that happen. We had multiple prenatal visits leading up to birth where she coached myself and my husband on what to expect during labor, ways to support me, nutrition/ hydration, body prep work, and plan B/C/D etc. It lead us to both feel confident when going into labor regardless of any hiccups that may arise (spoiler alert: hiccups will always arise in birth no matter how much you prepare). We ended up going the midwives route at Emerson Hospital (highly suggest). Danette helped us make decisions leading right up to and through the labor. With her help, I avoided the need for an induction at 41 weeks and gave birth at 41+6 days. She talked us through the early stages of labor and met us at the hospital. She was there during the entire labor, helping me get into beneficial positions, keeping me in control mentally, keeping my body fueled up, and coaching me during the pushing phase. She stayed for a few hours after until we were settled in and taught me how to breastfeed since the lactation consultants were gone for the evening. Many of the nurses even commented on how amazing she was. For the follow up visits, she taught us different techniques for getting the baby to sleep and we discussed all things post partum. If you’re looking for a doula, seriously look no further. You would be doing a major disservice not to have Danette on your team."

-Erin and Kyle 


"I Consulted with Danette when I found out my baby was breech at 37 1/2 weeks. My doctor only gave me options for a ECV or c-section. But, Danette was able to provide me with so much information and options on how to help my baby turn. Not only did she walk me through exercises and positioning, she provided me with a lot of written information so I was able to choose what worked best into my lifestyle and schedule. She was thorough, professional, caring, smart and very informative. Needless to say, my baby ended up turning and now I can have the natural birth I wanted so much! I highly recommend Danette as a Doula! She is amazing!"
- Gina

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